I was born in Wiltshire & moved to Surrey when I was still young, I spent my early years working in London and eventually moved to Devon 26 years ago. I started my career in Education and then moved into Coaching and Therapy.

Whilst in education I worked as a Head of Faculty, I managed a sizeable budget and an extensive workforce. 

During that time I specialised in Outdoor Education ,Teacher Training and led Staff Development.

It was here I cultivated my passion for psychology and pursued numerous professionals training's initially in TA, NLP, EI & Hypnotherapy.

As a result my 'part time' private practice grew and I left my previous role to form my own company.

In 2001,whilst studying for my MA in Applied Psychology, I became aware of the term  'Mindfulness' & started to practice meditation. I hold a Post Grad. Diploma in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapies and continue my research interests in Mindfulness at Exeter University. My training was primarily with Professor Willem Kuyken, Christina Feldman, John Peacock and Chris Cullen.

I have also trained in Mindfulness Based Compassion Therapy with Dr. Chris Germer.

This practice has now become an inherent part of my everyday life and I have found that Mindfulness is as relevant to those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, to those struggling to run a business or lead an organisation. 

The principles of compassion, clear seeing, awareness and right action are universal and can be learnt by anyone.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients, including athletes from the GB squad, Royal Marine officers, GP's, Solicitors, Yell.com, Devon County Council, Exmouth Community College and 100's of individuals who have found themselves struggling with the complexity of everyday life.

I am a father, a partner, a brother and a son. I also help people find their way back onto their path.

​Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else you wish to know.