Life goes 'wrong' sometimes..we get things we don't want & the things we want, we don't get. As the saying goes 'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional'

Discover how to be with the difficult, the awkward, the stressful.

Learn how to invite acceptance & take the heat out off painful situations.


There's never a' best time' for a storm to hit but we often tell ourselves there is.

We can find ways to weather these storms and become more aware of the early signs. We begin to see that life isn't about avoiding or eliminating rough seas, it's about learning to surf safely.



  • Anxiety reduction tips
  • Beliefs that restrict you.
  • Anti stress strategies
  • First-Time meditation
  • Mindfulnes matters
  • Attachment theory.
  • Relationship check list.
  • ​Self compassion guide.

Ok, so we may need a map, a direction and perhaps places to visit along the way. For now, the destination may not be visible and that's ok.

​So let's sit a while and talk about this new course..

..And it's never the right time..

  1. Managing Stress
  2. Everyday anxiety tips.
  3. Feeling fragmented
  4. Mindfulness works for me.
  5. ​Self Compassion.

Pause. Take the time you need for you right now and breathe consciously, even if t's only for 60 seconds. Notice the breath coming in through the nose, how and where it travels to in the body. Notice the sense of pause before exhalation. Following the breath out. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Set a new Course

Take a breath..


When hit's the fan