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‘Rest in Noble Silence.’

1 Day Mindfulness Retreat

17th March 2018

Join us as Spring arises to practice the quiet cultivation and the gentle art of Mindfulness.

A chance to be guided and supported through Mindful meditation, movement, and walking.

Giving yourself permission to experience the deep peace and stillness that silence brings. 

This Mindfulness Retreat will offer us opportunities to find the space and calm in our lives that is often missing and re charge. A chance to connect with others seeking peace and balance and a time for quiet reflection, to see clearly how our lives really are. We do this by being kind to ourselves, slowing down and moving back from the need to find an immediate solution. We learn how to step out of ‘doing’ mode and rest into ‘simply being’ in the present moment.

This will be a small group, with availability limited to 15-20 people.

The Retreat is situated in a quiet, warm and spacious studio, nestling in the green Devon Hills above the village of Newton Poppleford, Devon. We are only 20 minutes from Exeter and 10 minutes from the coastal towns of Budleigh Salterton and Sidmouth.

A tasty home cooked vegetarian meal is included, along with drinks and fruit throughout.
Mats and meditation cushions are provided and chairs also. You may wish to bring a cushion and blanket, if you find yourself becoming cooler during practice, this is just personal choice.

The day will be a mixture of guided meditations, teachings and longer periods of silence. It will be led by Gavin Weir-Jones, a qualified and experienced Mindfulness Teacher and Psychotherapist.

Cost £80.

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 Calm Mind, Calm Life – The Path out of Suffering

Peaceful workshops on Mindfulness and Self Compassion

18th March and 22cnd April 2017



Hunger Hill Retreat, Newton Poppleford, Devon.


You are warmly invited to participate in these Mindfulness based workshops, based in the beautiful Devon countryside at Hunger Hill Retreat Centre. These workshops will be smaller more intimate events, with a maximum of 15 people. Mindfulness allows us to appreciate more of what we have, rather than what we don’t; it helps us to hold life more gently, calmly and tenderly; it fosters stillness, balance and a sense of allowing and reduces craving, clinging and judgmental thinking. All these aspects help reduce stress, anxiety and low moods and nurture a sense of calm, peacefulness and acceptance.

Workshop 1 – Calm Mind, Calm Life. £60 (£50 if taken with workshop 2)

The first workshop will introduce you to a range of mindfulness practices to help calm and still our minds. There will be a range of sitting and lying practices as well as Mindful movement.

 You will learn

How to recognise your patterns of thinking.
What to do when you have a ‘busy head’.
How to comfort yourself in times of physical pain.
The impact of ‘resting in our bodies’.
 The underpinning psychology of negative thinking.


Workshop 2 – The Seeing that Releases – Self Compassion and Loving Kindness. £60 (£50 if taken with workshop 1)

The second workshop builds on the first, with the emphasis Self Compassion and Loving Kindness. Many of us are highly self critical and we live in a world of many pressures and expectations.  We can learn how to be kind to ourselves, by simply coming into stillness, noticing our judging mind and caring for ourselves, as if by someone who truly loved us.  These ways of being can be learnt and offer ourselves a safe place to pause and just ‘gently be’.

You will learn

Difference between Self esteem and Self compassion
Not self improvement but self acceptance.
How to improve your resilience
Practical tools to take home and use everyday
The soften – soothe – allow practice.


It refreshed my way of thinking, it has helped me look at the good things in my life & cope with the bad’ (DP, Devon & Cornwall Police)

‘I notice I react less and seem to have more space to think, basically I am calmer’. (Jill, Exeter)

‘Really improved my knowledge on how to look at issues in my life & deal with my own self criticism and anxieties (and I had a LOUD inner critic!) (JS, retired, Kenn)

I understand how to de stress over situations I used to let escalate in my thoughts & see things as they are, not what I think they are or think they should be. Thank you.’(Louise, Torquay)


These workshops will be run by Gavin Weir-Jones, a psychotherapist, who received his Post Graduate clinical training in Mindfulness Based Therapies at Exeter University and The Mood Disorder Centre.  He runs his own private practice as well as weekly Mindfulness drop in session every Friday. He maintains his own personal practice with daily meditations and several 7-10 silent retreats annually.

Learn more about what I do and Mindfulness here;





To book one or both these workshops by BACS just mail me at  or call 07784 262329 and I will give you details.

Please Note.

·         These workshops do not qualify you to teach Mindfulness and are for personal use only. Guidance on the path for teacher training can be offered.

·         We all feel a little ‘off’ at times and these workshops will help greatly however they are not intended for those currently suffering from acute and medicated mental health conditions, such as Mania, current Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Psychosis, Dissociated illness’s or similar. Please check with me if you are at all unsure.

·         Free hot drinks will be available but please bring lunch.


Any questions just ask and I look forward to meeting you.


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