For many organisations, large or small, understand the psychological makeup of their staff and the dynamics, can be tiring, time consuming and confusing. 

One of the key disadvantages is that, as an employer we find ourselves too close to the issues and consequently it may be difficult to make objective decisions.

As a consultant, I can offer that objectivity, combined with a psychological insight into the key factors that may be effecting your business.

Common issues include;

  • Staff retention & turnover
  • Motivation & morale
  • Management & Leadership
  • Integration
  • Amalgamation & takeovers
  • Promotions
  • Staff training
  • Returning to work

In addition to the above I also work with the heads of organisations.

In today's world, it is often assumed that the head or seniors partners in a business are somehow all seeing, all knowing. The news flash is, we are all human and as a result are susceptible to the same stressor's as everyone else.

I offer Leadership coaching and supervision, that can help you re align your moral compass, whilst still balancing the books.

I do this by being a professional critical friend, who will ask you to qualify your decisions & your thinking.

I will offer a mirror for you to reflect on and challenge you where necessary.

My experience of the human condition and my professional boundaries as a therapist place me in an unique position in which to support you and your team.

Consulting & Supervision.